Due to the current covid situation, all face-to-face education meetings have been cancelled. The Standard and upgrade courses are being run online Wednesday Evening from 18:00. Please contact the education team for more information – 23/7

Support provided by the BMARC Education Team

The BMARC Education team offers training and assessment at all levels of the Amateur Radio Licencing scheme

There are three levels of licencing :

* Foundation Licence – (the entry level),
* Standard Licence, and
* Advanced Licence.

Training and assessment for Foundation Licence takes a commitment of only one weekend. See below for more details.
Standard and Advanced training takes place one night per week over 6 months.

The Course Explanation sheet gives more detail about the training provided by the BMARC Education Team. This application to enrol in a BMARC Foundation Course could be your first step towards a great new hobby or even a career in electronics. Why not fill one out now?

About the Foundation Licence
A Foundation Licence provides an easy first step into the world of Amateur Radio. The following two documents explain the privileges and requirements of Foundation Licences.

* About the Foundation Licence
* The new Foundation Licence – Your entry into Amateur Radio

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) is the peak body representing Australian Amateur Radio Operators to the various government bodies in this country and is a member of the International Amateur Radio Union. This link will take you to the page on the Foundation Licence. Take the time to browse that website generally. There is information there about licencing, band plans, contests, and books along with many other amateur radio related topics.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is the Australian regulator responsible for, amongst other things, radio communications. There is a large amount of information available on this web site relevant to amateur radio operators but this link will take you straight to the section on amateur licencing.

Foundation Licence Training provided by BMARC

Keep an eye on the Home page of this website for upcoming Foundation Licence training dates or email the Education Manager using the link below.

The next Foundation Radio course will be held as soon as we have a sufficient number of interested people to form a class. Normally, we have set aside the second weekend of each even month.

The course is usually conducted at the clubhouse over one weekend. (Please note the venue may vary and you need to register your interest with the Education Manager so that you can be advised of venue changes.) The course commences at 8:30 a.m. each day. It finishes at approximately 4 p.m. on Saturday and 1.30 p.m. on Sunday. Adequate breaks are taken for a leg stretch and comfort.

You will need to bring:

Your copy of the Foundation Manual “Your Entry Into Amateur Radio” . For best results, you should read this manual before attending the course. The manual is available from the WIA bookshop or from the Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club. The Club holds stocks of the Foundation Manual as well as the Standard/Advanced licence textbook, “Radio Theory Handbook. Beginner to Advanced” by Ron Bertrand.
Lunch for Saturday
A notepad and pen/pencil
YOU WILL NEED SOME FORM OF PHOTO IDENTIFICATION – This is particularly important for any person who does not hold a drivers licence. Student Photo ID or Passport is fine.
A 35 X 45mm passport size colour photo. This MUST be on quality photo paper. Photos printed on plain paper are NOT acceptable. Passport photos can be taken at your local post office.

Schedule of Australian Maritime College (ACM) assessment fees.

Note: The ACMA has changed assessments from the WIA to the AMC and fees have risen considerably.

Foundation includes 3 assessments: $90.00
Standard / Advanced Regulations: $90.00
Standard / Advanced Theory: $90.00
Practical taken alone: $90.00
If you are 18 years old or younger all fees are: Not known
Fee for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning): $99.00

In addition, the AMC applies a fee for callsign allocation

Callsign Recommendation level 1: $25.00
Callsign Recommendation level 2:
(A 3 or 4 letter callsign if available, 2 choices)
Callsign Recommendation level 3:
(A 2 letter callsign in NSW, QLD and Vic)
Callsign Recommendation level 4:
(Special event)


The ACMA fee for a new licence is currently: $73.00 per annum, and $5 for the next available callsign or
$75.00 and $20 for your choice of callsign from those available.

A $49.00 fee is charged by the ACMA to update an existing licence (if you upgrade), and $5 for the next available callsign OR $49.00 and $20 for your choice of callsign from those available.  The annual fee for licence renewal is $53 (incl GST).

We have no control over the above fees, which can be paid in cash to BMARC or each candidate has the option to pay by credit card.

BMARC however, applies a $20.00 fee per candidate to cover both rental and postage.

All payments to BMARC are cash only, we do not accept cheques.

Receipts will be issued for all cash payments to BMARC

Please be aware all of the above fees are subject to change without notice.

For more information or to register your interest please contact the BMARC Education Manager.


Last edited 28/07/19