Meetings and Nets


Doors open at 7:00pm for a 7:30pm meeting on the first Friday of each month at the club’s rooms. Visitors are welcome to come along and try us out a couple of times before applying to join the club.

There is usually general club business followed by a ham related topic of discussion or a presentation along with the chance to interact with current or prospective amateur radio operators. Also, sometimes, there are goodies for sale.

Don’t miss out on picking up that bit of information that will help you make you next contact or to try a different mode or just come along for a social chit chat with your new or old bon ami.

Net – HF

Tuesday evenings from 2000 on 3543 kHz(+/- QRM).

Net – VHF

Wednesday evenings from 2000 on the club’s 2 metre repeater.